Students of Diae Al Islamia’s Stage a Rally and Police Fired Shots to Disperse the Protesters

Radio Erena: 05 November 2017

About 100 (hundred) students of Diae Al Islamia held a protest in front of the Eritrean President’s office on the 31st of October in the country’s capital of Asmara.

 The students, who pleaded with the President to release the detained school’s leaders including Haj Musa Mohammed Nur and to ease the pressures put on the school by the government, were believed to be armed with rocks, sticks and loudspeakers.


 The protest, however, was dispersed by the armed government forces within hours after it started, reported Radio Erena sources from Asmara. According to the sources, the armed forces have also used combat like sticks against the protesters.

 While most of the participants of the protest were able to flee the scene, some were put into custody by the armed forces.

 Diae Al Islamia School was seen to have been surrounded by armed forces in the evening following the rally, accounted some eyewitness.

 Following the protest, the government is reported to have increased the presence of armed military forces in the city.

 In a similar news, around 6,000 (Six Thousand) Eritreans who had supposedly been in Adi Hallo College, were reported to be taken to a deserted area in the northern town of Sahel following their protest at the college about four weeks ago. As a result, the sources added, most colleges around Eritrea have seen an increase in the presence of armed forces for fear of a revolt by college students around the country.