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Radio Erena is the only one independent media broadcast to Eritrea.

Radio Erena’s programmes are broadcast in two languages, Tigrinya and Arabic, the working languages of Eritrea. They offer a wide range of programmes covering news, the economy, international politics, social issues and entertainment. They are developed either by the editorial team or by correspondents.

The newsroom is located in Paris. Radio Erena produces about 16 original programmes in Tigrinya and three in Arabic each week, within the two hours of daily broadcast.

Radio Erena’s programmes closely follow the team’s values of defending human rights. Radio Erena is not just a radio station. The team’s values keep everyone together as they work towards their common goal.

Radio Erena’s coverage of Human Rights Violations

As a voice for the voiceless, Radio Erena has tackled the issue of human rights violations without compromise. The Eritrean government denies committing human rights abuses in the country while trying vainly to hide all traces of such violations. Radio Erena is dedicated to uncovering abuses and has made this a priority in news stories and interviews with victims. It has documented violations and made the information available to international human rights organizations.

Its mission has been a growing source of irritation for the Eritrean government, which has tried to jam its signal. This desperate measure was clearly in response to Radio Erena’s exposure of serious abuses.

In 10 years of professional, free and committed journalism, Radio Erena’s mission to be a voice for the voiceless has been widely appreciated by Eritreans inside and outside the country. Credibility has become its trademark. Based on a reputation carefully built up over the years, Radio Erena’s credibility has become a benchmark for news as Eritreans ask “has Erena reported it?’ Unless it has reported a story, or at least confirmed it, many Eritreans would be skeptical. International media organizations regularly approach Radio Erena for confirmation of their stories. Such confidence gives Radio Erena an even greater sense of responsibility towards its listeners and the wider Eritrean audience.