Eritrean Government Intensifies Security in Mosques around the Country

Radio Erena: 05 November 2017

The Government of Eritrea intensified securities in the Mosques around the Eritrean capital city of Asmara and throughout the country following the protest by the Diae Al Islamia students on the 31st of October.

 According to eyewitness sources from Asmara, security – both armed in military uniform and undercover agents, presence at the mosques have been increased, especially, in the Mosques located in the localities of Akhria in Asmara.


 Although there were no reported casualties from the shots fired by the government armed forces to disperse the protesters, the government is reported to have arrested several parents and students along with their teachers following the protest.

 The Eritrean government, which is known for its intolerance with such kind of protests, is reported to be shaken by the historic rally organized by the students of Diae Al Islamia.

 Similar kind of protests were previously held by disabled veterans, student of the now-closed University of Asmara, and recently by students from Adi Halo College. However, the government was able to easily thwart and contain them as most of them happened in government controlled facilities and military camps.