Eritrea’s Ambassador to France condemns Arte television station

Eritrea’s Ambassador to France condemns Arte television station

Radio Erena: 09 December 2014

Report by Amanuel Ghirmai Bahta


Eritrea’s Ambassador to France – Ms. Hanna Simon has sent an official letter denouncing the French television station of Arte for airing a documentary that portrays the tortures of Eritreans.

Ambassador Simon on her letter dated 14th of October addressed to Arte’s President – Ms. Véronique Cayla pointed out the documentary entitled ‘Sound of Torture’ produced by Karen Shayo and Meron Estefanos that was aired by Arte on 17th of September 2014, does not represent the current condition of Eritreans and Eritrea as portrayed by the film.

 Ambassador Simon rejects the accusations by the eye-witnesses involved on the documentary that the Eritrean government would persecute any individual who returns to their country, as false and asserts that her government would receive its citizens with unconditional hospitality. The ambassador further refuted the statement that categorizes the government of Eritrea as a dictatorship but she said the government is rather engaged in protecting the sovereignty of the country in its current no-war-no-peace state.

Meanwhile, the German-French TV station is set to air ‘Sound of Torture’ in Paris on Tuesday 9th of October and many politicians, journalists, and other invited dignitaries are expected to also discuss on Eritrea and Eritrean immigrants.

Ambassador Simon had previously faced challenges when she tried to denounce allegation made by a similar documentary film ‘Voyage en Barbarie’ at a screening ceremony of the film in Paris.

‘Voyage en Barbarie’ – the co-production of the French Senate TV – Public Sénat, was also presented at the UNESCO in the presence of members of the French parliament, journalists, and students of law, government, and political science.

As the number of Eritrean immigrants is growing unexpectedly and covered daily by the news media in France, France’s National Court of Asylum and other concerned politicians are reported to have been engaged in assessing the situation in Eritrea, sources indicated to Erena Radio.