The government of Eritrea accuses Djibouti of hostilities

The government of Eritrea accuses Djibouti of hostilities

Radio Erena: 26 February 2015


The government of Eritrea accuses Djibouti of hostilities towards Eritrea in a complaint sent to the Kingdom of Qatar.

In a letter delivered by the Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Ambassador Ali Ibrahim, President Isaias Afwerki denounced the statement given by both the Djiboutian and Ethiopian authorities indicating Eritrea as a hostile country that destabilizes the peace in the horn of Africa.


In the news confirmed by Radio Erena sources from the ministry, President Isaias also underlined the dangers of the statement by Djibouti which undermines the peace initiative by Qatar between the two countries.

Djibouti’s President Ismail Omar Gele and Ethiopia’s Prime Minister – Hailemariam Desalegn indicated, in a joint statement they gave, the possibilities of talks to form a joint military force to prevent the aggressions by Eritrea against their countries.

President Gele of Djibouti has also told Jeune Afrique newspaper in France last week that peace deal with Eritrea would be impossible so long as President Isaias is in power.

Qatar, which is involved in the mediation of the two countries and also deployed peacekeeping forces in the conflicting area, has never published any official statement regarding the peace talks to date.

Although the peace talks between the two countries has been stalled due to disagreements on the exchange of POWs and other issues, the failure has also been credited, by many, to a push by Ethiopia to Djibouti in to bringing unnecessary negotiating deals on the table.

The reports from our sources indicated President Isaias has also addressed the push by Ethiopia in his letter to the Kingdom of Qatar.