Saudi Arabia Deports more than 100 Eritreans

Radio Erena: 13 February 2021

Saudi Immigration authorities deported more than hundred Eritreans in the past few days. These Eritreans violated the local residence laws and did not have valid “Iqama”.

Rounded up from Jizan, Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam in the East, these Eritreans were kept in deportation prisons before they were deported to Eritrea via Massawa port. Upon arrival the local authorities kept them in various schools around town.

According to the new residence permit laws, Saudi Arabia allowed thousands of foreigners who preached the Iqama laws to leave the country voluntarily. Fearing forced military service for their children and unemployment for themselves, hundreds of Eritreans families left Saudi Arabia to Sudan and Egypt. Those who were left behind are facing greater difficulties meeting the soaring fees of Iqama renewals.