Sudan expelled Eritrean refugees in its country

Sudan expelled Eritrean refugees in its country

Radio Erena: 04 February 2015


The government of Sudan continues its raids on Eritrean refugees in the Eastern town of Shagarab and the capital city of Khartoum and handing them over to the Eritrean government, confirmed Radio Erena sources from Khartoum.

According to the sources, the Sudanese government has already expelled over 100 Eritreans from the towns of Hamdayt, Talata Asher, and Arbata Asher in the beginning of this year alone. A number of Eritreans are also confirmed to be held in custody by the Sudanese law enforcement and set to be deported soon.

Although the government has slowed down the operation, people are worried as the operation may suddenly be re-launched.

Out of the 60 immigrants who were expelled through the town of Hamdayt this past month, one was reported dead and another heavily wounded after they attempted to jump and escape from aboard the truck while it was moving.


According to reports from the UNHCR, over a thousand Eritreans cross over to Sudan every month though they are believed to use it as a make-shift place before they move to another country, mainly due to lack of safety. Many criticize the UNHCR for not ensuring the safety of the immigrants based on its mandate.