Eritrea to purchase two 47.5 MW  generators from China

Eritrea to purchase two 47.5 MW generators from China

Radio Erena: 04 February 2015


The Eritrean government has signed a deal with China to purchase two additional generators in order to resolve the power shortage in the country.

Two Chinese companies (Qingdaohaixi Marine Diesel Co., Ltd. (QMD) and EPC contractor Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute) are reported to have been assembling the generators as per request from the Eritrean government, confirmed by one of the companies that is involved in the agreement with the Eritrean Electricity Authority in a statement published last month.


The two modern generators that run by gasoline are expected to generate 47.52 MW worth of power and that there are speculations these generators would play a great role in contributing to the expansion project of the Electric Power Plant located in North Eastern town of Hirgigo.

According to the Eritrean Electricity Authority, 55% of the power in Eritrea is allocated for industrial consumption, 22% for household and the remaining 21% is allocated for commercial purposes.

If these new generators are put to task as planned, Eritrea would get 73% of its power consumption from generators.

Although researches are believed to conduct researches to generate power through other means like Solar, Wind, and Hydro Electric power, the major source of electric power in Eritrea at present time is proved to be generator-produced.

In the meantime, the number of Chinese companies that are in the business of mining, power plant, and construction is growing exponentially in Eritrea, noted Radio Erena sources.

According to earlier reports by Radio Erena, a Chinese company that has been working in cooperation with the Eritrean Cement Factory of Gedem has started to be involved in the expansion project of the Port of Massawa since last year.

The company is reported to have signed a $400 Million US Dollar deal with the Eritrean government for the expansion project of the Port which is expected to completed in mid 2016.