Special US Horn of Africa Envoy Arrives in Addis Ababa

Radio Erena, 25 July 2022

U.S Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa Mike Hammer arrived in Addis Ababa in a visit which took him to Egypt and U.E.A., the Envoy’s visit will continue until the first of August.

Department of State statement confirmed that the envoy will discuss issues related to Renaissance Dam in the Cairo and Addis Ababa.

In Ethiopia, “the Special Envoy Hammer will have an opportunity to review progress on delivery of humanitarian assistance, and accountability for human rights violations and abuses as well as efforts to advance peace talks between the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan authorities.  The United States remains committed to advancing diplomatic efforts in support of an inclusive political process towards lasting peace, security, and prosperity for all people in Ethiopia.” As the press release said.