Somalia’s Ambassador to the UN was shot dead in Somalia

Somalia’s Ambassador to the UN was shot dead in Somalia

Radio Erena: 29 March 2015


Somalia’s permanent ambassador to the UN – Mr. Yusouf Mohammed Ismail Bari Bari has been shot dead in the Somalian capital of Mogadisho Friday 27th of March.

Mr. Bari Bari was killed after members of the terrorist group – Alshabab opened fire on him at a hotel known as Maca Al Mukarama.

Alshabab had a car full of explosives go off before they opened the fire that killed the ambassador at the hotel.

Mogadisho police said 14 people were also killed by the attack and 13 others wounded.

According to reports, Alashabab forces barricaded themselves at the first floor of the hotel and exchanged fire with the members of the police and peacekeeping forces that lasted for a day.


In a statement released by the Mogadisho Police on Saturday, the Police said all the attackers were killed. The Alshabab group, on its part, has taken full responsibility for the attack and verified the killing of some of its members.

The late Ambassador Bari Bari was known for many Eritrean politicians for his dedicated work to bring the Eritrean human rights issue for discussion at the UN Security Council while he was based at the UN office in Geneva.

The ambassador is also believed to have played a big role in establishing a special UN delegation to Eritrea and the UN special Commission of Inquiry that was mandated to investigate gross human rights violations in Eritrea.