Six Out of the 14 Kidnapped Eritreans last month from Kassala are reported freed

Six Out of the 14 Kidnapped Eritreans last month from Kassala are reported freed

Radio Erena: 13 July 2015


Six among the 14 kidnapped Eritreans last month as they were bound to the Sudanese refugee camp of Shegerab were freed in a military rescue operation conducted by the Sudanese authorities.

The rescue operation was part of the ongoing operation to hunt the human traffickers and their brokers.

The Sudanese police said the six Eritreans were confirmed to have been kidnapped at the Sudanese-Eritrean border town of Hafir on the 4th of June by unidentified armed group of people.


The kidnapping news of the Eritreans was first broke out by the UNHCR spokesman – Nicholas Bras, who said that these fourteen immigrants were taken away to undisclosed location after unidentified armed gunmen opened fire on a track with 49 passengers on board.

According to the statement by the UNHCR, eight of the fourteen were women, of whom two were underage girls.

It is to be noted that 47 Eritreans and Ethiopians were previously freed by the ongoing rescue campaign conducted in the Eastern border town of Kassela by the Sudanese Security forces.

Apart from this, 154 immigrants who have been held hostage at the boarder between Sudan and Libya – in the BotuQa desert, were freed last week, pointed out Sudanese police report.

Sudanese Security Forces have been conducting military operation to hunt down human traffickers and their brokers since the beginning of last month.

Although the Sudanese government had mandated a special court to draft a law to punish human traffickers, it is failed to implement the mandate.

Many believe that several members of the Sudanese security forces and high military brass are engaged in the human trafficking business.