Ethiopian Peace Talks to Start on 24 October

Radio Erena, 20 October 2022

As the Ethiopian civil war drags to its second year, the situation on the ground is complicated as the Federal government troops aided by Eritrean Defense Forces units and ‘Fano’ Amhara militias are turning the tide in their favor.

Premier Abiy Ahmed’s national security advisor ambassador Radwan Hussien tweeted that his government is ready to participate in the forthcoming peace negotiations scheduled for 24 October.

His confirmation came after his government’s troops made a breakthrough in the Tigray Defense Forces trenches capturing the city of Shire, Alemata, and Korem. In response to the setback, TDF called all able-bodied Tigrayans to take part in the battle of existence which targets the people of Tigray.

Earlier, in response to UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, who said that the “conflict is out of control, with no military solutions at hand.” Mr. Hussien underestimated the hint saying that the conflict is under control and is subsiding due to the advancement of the government troops.

The forthcoming negotiations under the African Union and the United States may widen the gap between the Eritrean and Ethiopian allies as the Eritrean president whose troops are spearheading the attacks against Tigray from the north will accept nothing less than the complete annihilation of the Tigrayan Defense Forces. His partner, Abiy Ahmed, on the other hand, is under increasing world pressure to peacefully end the war that is having an overarching impact on millions of civilians.