Eritrea’s Ambassador to France faces challenges by French reports

Eritrea’s Ambassador to France faces challenges by French reports

Radio Erena: 17 October, 2014

Amba Hana

Eritrea’s Ambassador to France – Hanna Simon was confronted by French reporters to a statement she made denouncing the accusations that Eritrea’s dictatorial regime is the cause of the exodus in Eritrea.

The ambassador faced the challenge from Cécile Allegra and Delphine Deloget – French reporters and co-producers of a new documentary film entitled ‘Voyage en Barbarie’ which portrays the exodus of Eritreans and the barbaric torture they face in the Sinai desert, at a debut of the film on October 16th, 2014.

The reporters – joined by a human rights activist and Erena Radio’s reporter- Meron Estefanos, challenged the ambassador during a question and answer session after the screening of the film.

Although Ambassador Simon tried to refute the allegations explaining to the participants of the screening of the film which include French politicians, that the government in Eritrea is not dictatorial and not the cause for the exodus, she was forced to stop her remarks before she finished.


Present at the meeting was an Eritrean Anthropologist Prof. Asmerom Leggesse, who commended Meron Estefanos for being the voice to those voiceless victims of the torture, through her radio program on Erena Radio. Professor Leggesse also asked Meron if there were any intervention on the matter from the United Nations or the international community. To that, Meron confirmed that the international community and the United Nations are aware of the matter and have been involved in putting a stop to the torture.

‘Voyage en Barbarie’ –is co-produced by the French Senate TV – Public Sénat, and is set to be aired to the public this Saturday and Sunday.

A similar film – ‘Sound of Torture’, was produced and aired in various TV stations in Europe, prior to this one.