Eritreans are reported safe from the Xenophobia campaign in South Africa

Eritreans are reported safe from the Xenophobia campaign in South Africa

Radio Erena: 17 April 2015

South Afri

Eritreans are reported to be safe while several African migrants including Ethiopians have lost their lives in the current widespread Xenophobia campaign in South Africa.

The recent xenophobia is believed to have irrupted following a statement by the King of the Zulu tribe that foreigners have to be forced to leave the country. The statement was also echoed by President Jacob Zuma’s oldest son. President Zuma’s son said that South African’s are being dominated by the growing number foreigners and the consequence would be grave.


The attack that focuses against foreigners and African immigrants in South Africa started last week and has so far costed the lives of hundreds. Footages from the country are surfacing showing angry South Africans surrounding foreigners in the streets of Durban and Johannesburg, pouring benzene and burning them alive.

Two Ethiopian brothers are believed to be burned to death by the angry protesters after the small store the brothers owned was torched, reported Los Angeles Times.

Human Rights Watch pointed out over 2400 Ethiopians and various other Africans have been placed at a temporary camp in Durban alone.

Reports from the country indicate the Somalis, Ethiopians, Mozambicans, Nigerians, Malawians and Pakistanis have been the main focus of the recent xenophobia campaign in South Africa.

50,000 Ethiopians are reported to cross through the borders of Kenya and Tanzania to go to South Africa every year and according to some reports, there are between 2 and 5 million immigrants in South Africa.

Hundreds of Eritreans, who have gone to South Africa for higher education, have also been living there after being granted political asylum.

Radio Eritrea could confirm from its sources in South Africa that Eritreans are safe from the current attacks against foreigners in the country.