The government of Eritrea plans to demolish 2000 more residential houses

The government of Eritrea plans to demolish 2000 more residential houses

Radio Erena: 17 April 2015


The government of Eritrea has plans to continue its demolishing campaign and will tear down over 2000 more houses in the Central, Southern, and Anseba administrative zones, reported Radio Erena sources.

According to the sources, while about 500 houses have been flagged for demolition in the localities of May Nefhi, Biet Meke’a, and Tselot in the Central zone, over 1000 residential houses have similarly been flagged with red color in the western town of Keren and its vicinities.


Local authorities in the towns of Mendefera, Decamhare, Segeneyti, and Senafe have been pushing owners of the red-flagged residential houses to knock down their houses themselves and collect their raw materials.

The demolition campaign, which is executed in the presence of army forces, has left so many people unhappy and with grudges. The government is seen to take extra-caution to tackle any protest against the campaign, as it was seen in the town of Adi Qeyih.

The sources point out that government cadres are distributing unverified news that the government is to penalize those people who sell a portion of their government allotted land and those who buy the portion of the land would be punished 80,000 Nakfa [around $5,500 US dollars] and 400,000 Nakfa [around $27,000 US dollars], respectively, instead of having their houses demolished. The government, on the contrary, is seen to intensify its preparation for another round of demolition campaign.

As a result of this, hundreds of people have been destabilized and left homeless, further confirmed Radio Erena sources.