Dr. Tewolde Tesfamariam [Wedi Vaccaro] dies

Dr. Tewolde Tesfamariam [Wedi Vaccaro] dies

Radio Erena: 24 October, 2014

wedi Vacaro

A veteran Eritrean community organizer – Dr. Tewolde Tesfamariam died of natural causes on Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 at the age of 65.

Dr. Tesfamariam, who is popularly known as Wedi Vaccaro [son-of-Vaccaro], was instrumental in organizing the Eritrean community in Italy and other European countries during the Eritrean struggle for independence until mid-1991.

Wedi Vaccaro returned to Eritrea 1991, opened private businesses and played a major role in revamping the country’s economy up until his disagreements with the government of Eritrea’s failed economic policies when he was forced to return back to Italy.


In the past three years before his death, Wedi Vaccaro was a part of the movement that seeks change and justice in Eritrea.