Tigray Liberation Front Picks its Representative to the Talks with the Government


Radio Erena, News, 20 July 2022

Tigray Liberation Front has selected its representatives to the forthcoming talks with the federal government. Getachew Reda, the official spokesman of the Front said the Front has already picked its representatives for the talks which Kenya offered to host. He didn’t give names, but he highlighted the five points that TPLF will not compromise on as he said. The five points include a referendum on the legal status of the region, the self-determination of Tigray, the reject of any attempt to dismantle the Tigrayan forces, presentation of those who committed crimes against Tigray people to international courts, finally the fair compensations for the damage inflicted on the infrastructure.

Earlier, the federal government had chosen its seven-member delegation to the same talks headed by the foreign minister Demeke Mekonnen.

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