‘Sound of Torture’ to be aired on Aljazeera International

‘Sound of Torture’ to be aired on Aljazeera International

Radio Erena: 18 March 2015


The documentary film ‘Sound of Torture’ that portrays the torture of hundreds of Eritreans in the hands of the Bedouins is set to be aired on Aljazeera International starting Wednesday 18th of March.

The film, which is going to be aired on the English program of Aljazeera International through the coming Saturday, has previously been broadcasted by few European and other western television networks.

One of the most prominent European networks, the Germany’s Arte had previously broadcasted the film from the 17th through the 24th of September last year in both German and French languages and that it had gained attention by so many people.


‘Sound of Torture’ was co-produced by Radio Erena’s Meron Estefanos – whose program focuses on Eritrean immigrants and the tortures they face, and a journalist and documentary film maker – Karen Shayo in 2013.

Airing time of ‘Sound of Torture’ on Aljazeera International is:
1. Wednesday 18th March at 11 PM (20:00 GMT)
2. Thursday 19th March at 3 PM (12:00 GMT)
3. Friday 20th March at 4 AM (01:00 GMT)
4. Saturday 21st March at 9 AM (06:00 GMT)