Somali President Vows to Eliminate AlShabab Movement This Year


Erena news, 5 January 2023

In his new year’s address to the Somali people, President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud promised that his forces will eliminate AlShabab terrorist group by this year.

The promise came after federal armed forces aided by local militia have markedly pushed the forces of the AlShabab group in central Somalia.

Despite high hopes, the group launched an attack early Wednesday morning in Mahass town in Hershbelle region killing more than 15 presons and wounding hundreds others.

The attack came as a violent reaction to the president’s speech and promise to show that the group is there to fight.

Earlier, Somali army chief of staff  Brigadier general Odowaa Yusuf Rageh confirmed the  return of a patch of the Somali soldiers from Eritrea, he said the returning soliders will play a decisive role in the fight against AlShabab group.