Somali President Concludes a Visit to Eritrea


Radio Erena, News, 14 November 2022

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud ended a short visit to Asmara. In the visit he was received by President Isias Afwerki. Both presidents paid a visit to the Somali troops receiving naval, air and ground forces training in Eritrea since 2019.

The talks between the two president centered on the facilitation of the return to of the 5000 Somali troops whose families threatened the Somali government with demonstration of they are not sent back home as the news spread that some units of these troops were sent to Tigray along with the Eritrean troops fighting against TPLF.

On 23 May, the Somali paid a similar visit to Asmara to secure the return of the troops but the Eritrean leadership was reluctant in sending them opting for furthering their training timetable.