Roundup campaigns and Parents Arrests Continue in Eritrea


Radio Erena News, 21 November 2022

The arbitrary roundup campaigns are continuing along with the arrests of parents of youth who fail to appear at military-call points.

Radio Erena sources confirm that the intense roundups are continuing unceasingly in different parts of the country though the main reason for the recent roundup campaign was the war in Tigray which came to halt with peace deal signature between the Ethiopian government and Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front early this month.

Many parents are correspondingly arrested and their houses sealed by local administration for failing to present their children to military authorities, many of these youths, have gone into hiding because of the on-going roundups.

Among the arrested is the famous journalist and Eri TV presenter Issac Mehari, who was arrested for failing to present his hiding son to the authorities. Mr. Mehari’s family was also forced out of its house in the famous Enda Mariam neighborhood.