Refugees at Shagarab Camp in Sudan complain about kidnappings by Eritrean Authorities

(kassala 02-12-2013) An Eritrean man known as Major Hagos, was kidnapped from an area called Hayfa Jedida where he was working as a construction worker. The kidnapping is believed to have been orchestrated by Eritrean authorities using a car disguised as a private truck driven by Eritreans.

The problem of kidnappings is ignored by both Sudanese authorities of the refugee agencies in the area. The refugees say that the area of Hayfa Jedida is an area where refugees are able to find daily labour. However fear of kidnappings and the apparent disregard from authorities and Refugee Organisations is pushing many refugees to take desperate measures to get away from the camps.


Major Hagos, the latest kidnapping victim is an Eritrean military leader who escaped into prison and his fellow refugees who were working with him are convinced that the kidnappers are working for Eritrean security forces.

Speaking on the phone a refugee who was present in the vicinity of the kidnapping confirmed that the Major had feared something like this would occur but had no means of escaping from the area, he said: ‘previously there was a land cruiser with Eritrean plate number, that carried out similar kidnappings, but this time it was a red truck with Eritrean plate number that kidnapped him and drove away towards Eritrea and we fear that they have taken him back to Eritrea, we have escaped so much in Eritrea and now we are being hunted like desert rabbits and here unlike in Eritrea we are supposed to be under the protection of red cross’.

The kidnapping is said to have occurred around midday on Saturday and from the are known as Telata Esherin in the Hayfa Jedida.