Parent-Teacher Committee of Diae Al Islamia School Pleas for Release of the School’s Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents

Radio Erena: 10 November 2017

The Parent-Teacher Committee of Diae Al Islamia School whose students held a protest on the 31st of October against the Eritrean government’s pressures on the school pleas for the release of the school’s administrators, teachers, students and parents held in custody by the government at the protest.

The committee made the call in a letter written to the country’s Ministry of Education and to Awqaf – office of the Eritrean Mufti.


According to Radio Erena sources, the Awqaf – which has been without a Mufti since the death of Shiekh Al Amin, said the office is not able to provide a response at this time. But the committee said, the Ministry of Education replied by saying they are currently investigating the incident that led to the arrest of those believed to be involved in the protest and that it would release them once the investigation is completed.

The parents committee instated that the issue is not resolved until the people who have been arrested are released from the government’s custody.