One-Day Seyoum founder Vanessa Berhe met with Pope Francis

One-Day Seyoum founder Vanessa Berhe met with Pope Francis

Radio Erena: 19 Novermebr 2014

Pope Van

The founder of the One-Day-Seyoum movement – Vanessa Berhe met with Pope Francis in Vatican on 16th November.

Miss Vanessa was in Vatican representing Eritrea to participate in a conference on the most critical and daunting issue of our time – the illegal human trafficking, where she was able to make a 15-minute-speech before she met the Pope.

In an interview she gave to Erena Radio, the 18-year-old-Swedish-born-Eritrean – Vanessa said she was the only person to have represented Eritrea among the 90 participants between the ages of 18 to 30 who came from various countries.


Vanessa told Erena Radio that in her speech at the conference she stressed out the need for the cooperation from the international community to solve Eritrea’s main cause for emigration and disintegration.

Citing her uncle’s ordeal – Seyoum Tsehaye the veteran photojournalist and former fighter in Eritrea’s 30-year-struggle for independence, who has been detained for the last 13 years without due process of law – whose whereabouts are not known, Vanessa pointed out that Eritreans are becoming the victims of human trafficking to flee the harsh conditions at home caused by the dictatorial regime in the country.

Vanessa pronounced she is embarking on a new movement called ‘Free Eritrea’ alongside her ‘One-Day-Seyoum’ project.

‘One-Day-Seyoum’ – was started as a project – founded by Vanessa Berhe with a mission to fight for democracy and freedom of press in Eritrea, and to advocate for the liberation of Seyoum Tsehaye and his colleagues. The movement has gained popularity among Eritreans and friends of Eritreans who are interested in the cause.

Vanessa Berhe is the niece of Seyoum Tsehaye – the detained veteran fighter – photojournalist, popularly known as ‘Tegadalay SeAlay’ [literally translated as Fighter-Photographer].