Eritrean and Yemeni authorities held talks cooperation in fisheries field

Eritrean and Yemeni authorities held talks cooperation in fisheries field

Radio Erena: 19 Novermebr 2014


Eritrea’s Ambassador to Yemen – Mr.Mohammed Sheikh Abdul-Jalil  and Yemen’s new Fisheries Wealth Minister Fahd Kafain held talks about fishing in the conflict region of the traditional fishing between the two countries.

In the meeting that took place in the Yemeni capital, San’a on 17th of November, the authorities discussed on setting up a committee on a ministerial level to find a sustainable solution to the traditional fishing disagreements between their countries.


Minister Kafain, on his part, underlined the need for a joint memorandum between his country and Eritrea in order to achieve the objectives.

Although the International Boarder Commission has clarified the demarcation between the two counties’ international maritime boundary lines after they went in to a conflict on the territorial sovereignty of the islands of Zuqar and Hanish, they still have not settled the issue on the traditional fishing regions and accessibility to the fishermen.

Eritrea has been detaining Yemeni fishermen who have been trying to access those regions while Yemeni government is reported to have been probing on the matter to settle the conflict.

It is to be recalled that Eritrea has released about a thousand Yemeni fishermen, who have been detained periodically, based on agreements reached between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Yemeni authorities indicated that the Eritrean naval forces detained 12 Yemeni fishermen last week.