Libya is set to deport Eritrean Immigrants

The Libya government is reported to be in talks with Eritrean diplomats in the country in preparation for deporting Eritrean immigrants back to their country.

According to reports from Libya, the government has, over the past weeks, detained 97 Eritreans, 22 of whom are women.


The country’s watchdog agency against illegal immigrants alleged these 97 Eritreans were caught at the Libyan coast of Misrata as they were making arrangements to cross over to Italy, reported the Libyan Observer newspaper.

There are hundreds of Eritreans who have been detained in the Kufra District by the Libyan boarder security forces as the country has intensified its securities in its boarder with Sudan.

As Erena sources account, Libya has recently expelled several of these immigrants to Sudan and Sudan turned around and expelled them to Eritrea.

Many immigrants of Eritrean, Ethiopian, Sudanese, Somali and other African nationals are now seen to be taking desperate measures to illegally travel to Italy by sea, as the tropical cyclones in the Mediterranean sea is reportedly calmed down.

The European coast guard has recently reported to have rescued thousands of immigrants over the past two months while hundreds of them were reported to have drowned.