Fifteen Eritreans one women among them are participating in the Rio 2016 Olympics

Fifteen (15) Eritreans one women among them are participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016

Olympics. The Rio Olympics is going to open on Friday 5 th of August and will end on the 21 st of


While there are 42 types of sports, Eritrea is noly to participate in two Olympic sports Athletics

and cycling.


According to news reports, four Eritrean athletes Zerisenai Tadese, Goitom Kifle,

Teklemariam Medh and Nguse Amlesomn are going to participate in the 10.0000

meters, while other four athletes: Girmay Gebresilase, Amanuel Meles, Kibrom

Gebregziabiher and Tewelde Estefanos are participating on Men’s Marathon.

The news also indicated that the only Eritrean woman participant in the Rio Olympics,

Nebiyat Habtemariam, is going to participate on the women’s marathon.

Furthermore, other four athletes: Abrar Osman, Aron Kifle, Hieskel Tewelde and Tsegay

Tuumay are going to participate in the men’s 5000 meters thousand, while one athlete,

Yemane Hailesilase, is participating on the Men’s 3000 meters.

The news also stated that from the fourteen athletes who are heading to Rio, three will

be reserves. Daniel Teklehaimanot is the only cyclist participating representing his


In the Rio Olympics Eritrean-American Mebrahtu Kiflezgi and Eritrean-Briton Tsegay

Tewelde are participating in Men’s Marathon representing their adopted countries.

In the course of the 19 days Rio Olympics, 42 different sports, 306 events, and 136

medals for women and 161 medals for man, nine mixed medals will be yielded. In this

big even 206 countries, including Eritrea, are participating.