Eritreans held in Chad to be relocated to a third country

Eritreans held in Chad to be relocated to a third country

Radio Erena: 10 February 2015


Efforts are underway to relocate Eritrean immigrants to a third country, reported Radio Erena sources from Khartoum.

The Eritreans who have been held by Chadian authorities at the boarder between Chad and Sudan, are believe to have been heading to Libya.

The UNHCR was able to confirm the news that the Eritrean immigrants took off from the Sudanese capital travelling to Libya via Chad last week and that they were detained by the Chadian boarder security forces.


According to the UNHCR, the Chadian authorities have rejected the request by the UNHCR to grant the immigrants a political asylum and that Chad affirms the immigrants will be deported to their country of citizenship.

However, Radio Erena sources from the Sudanese capital verified that efforts are being made to return the Eritrean immigrants either Sudan or South Sudan.

Although many European countries speculate that the civil war in Libya might slow down African immigrants from crossing over to their countries, the number of Eritrean immigrants from Ethiopia and Sudan attempting to migrate to Europe is seen to increase, on the contrary.

The human trafficking that was happening in the Sinai desert has reportedly been shifting to the deserts of Chad and Libya. The immigration to Israel via the Saharan desert is believed to have gone down to zero.