Eri-TV Photojournalist – Simon Zewde found dead

Eri-TV Photojournalist – Simon Zewde found dead

Radio Erena: 10 October, 2014


Eri-TV photojournalist – Simon Zewde was found dead in Mai Temenai, Asmara earlier this morning, reported Erena Radio sources.

According to the source, the 15-year-veteran-member of the Eritrean Ministry of Information was believed to have been beat and left unconscious by unknown group of youngsters as he was heading to his house in the outskirts of Asmara- Mai Temenai. The sources confirmed that Simon was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.


Asmara – the city which was once the most peaceful and secure place to live in the world, has, at this time, declined in to a city full of out-of-control mobsters, and residents describe it as a reminiscent of what was happening at the end of the pre-independence era.

The sources further underlined that people in Eritrea have begun to openly criticize the government for its unlawfulness, for the economic volatility, for the country’s detached political affairs, and social instability that has forced the youth engage themselves in stealing and gangbanging.

In the ‘Letters from the Readers’ column of recent issue of the only newspaper in the country – ‘Hadas Eritrea’, people have been seen to complain about excessive stealing and gangbanging by youngsters during power outages in the city and the people emphasized that propane cylinders are among the popular products stolen repeatedly.