Djibouti sends 187 illegal Ethiopians back to Ethiopia

Djibouti sends 187 illegal Ethiopians back to Ethiopia

Radio Erena: 13 October, 2014


Djibouti sent 187 Ethiopians, who were believed to have been caught crossing its boarders illegally, back to Ethiopia.

The Ethiopians were all crammed in a mini-bus-type vehicle and were put in to custody by the Djiboutian police as they were 65 kilometers away from the capital in the town of Arta. According to police reports, the police has also put few Djibouti nationals who were engaged in smuggling the 187 Ethiopians whose final destination was Saudi Arabia by crossing the Red Sea via Yemen.


According to reports, Djibouti, unlike a quick response in dealing with refugees and asylum seekers of Ethiopian and Somali nationals, tends to keep Eritreans in detention longer for fear of national security.

It is to be recalled Djibouti released over 250 Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers, who have been in detention for about six years, last April.