A Human-Trafficker Escapes Sudanese Prison

A Human-Trafficker Escapes Sudanese Prison

Radio Erena: 13 October, 2014


A Sudanese national who has been serving time after being sentenced for 10 (ten) years for his involvement in trafficking Eritrean and several refugees of different nationalities is reported to have escaped from a prison in Kassala, Sudan.

The fugitive, whose name was not released though he is reported to be from the Rashaida tribe, has broken away from custody with the help of his armed tribesmen as he was transported to a hospital by police for medical check-up.


News sources from Kassala – citing eyewitnesses, confirmed there were gun shots exchanged between the police transporting the prisoner and the armed tribesmen who helped him escape.

The fugitive had only served a month out of the ten-year-sentence after he was found guilty of his charges for human trafficking.

Meanwhile, plans to host a regional summit on the most-shocking issue in the world today are underway in Sudan, a country which is believed to be the hub for human-trafficking. Eritrea, whose nationals are victimized the most by human-trafficking, is confirmed to participate in the summit.