Burglary and Robbery is reported be at all-time high in Eritrea

Robbery is reported to be seen at a high rate in Eritrea. The crime is allegedly committed by member of the country’s national security agency under the pretext of security and law enforcement, reported Radio Erena sources from the capital – Asmara.



According to the sources, the main targets of this robbery are believed to be Eritreans who have been identified as recipients of financial assistance from their families living in western countries. The security agents threaten the victims to take them to jail if they are not willing share a portion or all the money. The agents get their leads from people who are involved in the money wiring and foreign currency exchange business, note the sources.


The agents are also reported to go after those families whose children have crossed over to neighboring countries without any legal exit visas by the government.

There are also, the report further stated, Eritreans pretending to be member of the security agency who are involved in the robbery.