An Eritrean Immigrant found dead in a French-Britain Tunnel

An Eritrean Immigrant found dead in a French-Britain Tunnel

Radio Erena: 09 July 2015

Eu report

An Eritrean immigrant in bound to Great Britain from France was found dead in the tunnel between those countries at dawn on Tuesday the 7th of July.

Although the death of the Eritrean is still under investigation, many believe the cause of his death might be by electrocution of the high voltage of the railroad.

This death report in the tunnel of an Eritrean immigrant is the second one in the past two weeks.


Around 3000 immigrants from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan located in the French Port City of Calais, who frequently try to cross over to Great Britain using the tunnel, have been creating obstacles.

Meanwhile, Egyptian police has been reported to put in custody 26 immigrants – including 2 Eritreans, who have allegedly attempted to cross over to Italy via the Mediterranean Sea, in the northern region of the country.

According to reports by the Egyptian news media, this incident has been seen repeatedly and that the Egyptian authorities have similarly detained 51 people on the 28th of June.

The Egyptian police have also detained hundreds of immigrants who crossed over to the country’s boarders from Sudan and Libya. Most of these immigrants are believed to be from Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan.

It is to be noted that Italy has deported 28 Egyptians who were believed to cross over to its coast via the Mediterranean Sea.