15 Eritreans seek asylum in Yemen

15 Eritreans seek asylum in Yemen

Radio Erena: 15 September, 2014

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Fifteen Eritreans who have sailed a boat to a Yemeni port city of Hodeda sought political asylum there, confirms Yemeni news sources.

According to the news source, the Eritreans who have first arrived at a small fishing island known as Salif, are believed to be members of the Eritrean Defense Forces. However, the report does not confirm if they were members of the naval force.


The report – based on the fishermen eyewitness accounts from Salif, indicates that one of the Eritreans could be a commander.

Although the Eritreans were in civilian outfits, they surrendered weapons which they had hidden in safe boxes to the Yemeni boarder security agents, states the report.

Similarly, 12 Eritreans had sought political asylum in Yemen last month, according to news sources.