14 out of the 80 kidnapped Eritreans by ISIS fled to safety

14 out of the 80 kidnapped Eritreans by ISIS fled to safety

Radio Erena: 27 June 2015


Fourteen out of the eighty Eritreans who were kidnapped by the ISIS on the 4th of June have escaped their captors.

In an interview he gave to Radio Erena, one of the escaped Eritreans, whose name has been concealed for his safety, said that there were 130 people at the beginning- 87 Eritreans of whom 22 were women and the rest were Syrian nationals. However, he added, 40 Muslims including 6 Eritreans were released right after they were captured and that the rest were taken to undisclosed location.


According to the young man, he managed to jump off of a truck, along five others and was able to escape although they were forced to be separated soon after as their captors began shooting towards them. Consequently, he pointed out that he does not know the whereabouts of four of his escaped partners. However, he met 14 other Eritreans who fled their respective captors after he arrived at Trablos with the help of Sudanese and Lybian nationals.

The whereabouts of those tens of Eritreans kidnapped by ISIS is not known to date. 28 Ethiopian and Eritrean immigrants are remembered to be beheaded by ISIS two months ago and that ISIS is believed to be engaged in widespread human trafficking business and is making millions of dollars.