Unrest in Libya might slow down exodus

Unrest in Libya might slow down exodus

Radio Erena: 07 February 2015


Unrest in Libya is believed to be affecting the mass exodus of African immigrants who cross over to Europe.

According to a statement by the Swedish department of immigration and refugees, Sweden believes that the ongoing civil war in Libya might be slowing down the flow of immigrants to the country and that it hopes fewer immigrants will make it to the country.

Sweden, with the largest number of African immigrants in Europe that was mostly dominated by Eritreans, says the number now is dominated by Syrian asylum seekers.

According to the report, Sweden has accepted 54,000 asylum seekers in 2013, which had increased to 90,000 in 2014.

Meanwhile, Libya’s military forces reported the killing of 17 people who were travelling on a pick-up truck from the town of Tarhuna to the capital – Tripoli.

The Libyan military forces confirmed that they shot all the victims, among whom were 12 Nigerians and a human trafficker, as they were running a routine hunt for armed rebels.

The military forces has also pointed out that it has sustained 4 casualties.