The Electric Services Authority Demands high Payments of Arrears

Radio Erena: 24 April 2021

The local electric authority in Asmara ‘Sedao’ is pressing the families to pay services arrears.

Despite the overall paralysis of the economic activity due to a year-long lockdown and the standstill of factories and workshops, Sedao is putting increasing pressure on the families to handle the unsettled bills. The amount of payments range between 3000 and 10000 nakfa, which can’t be met by the family due to budget straining as the required amounts exceeds the families’ income.

Some of the military service members who monthly receive 600 to 1200 have filed complains explaining their default in settling the payments. In addition to the default complaints, most of them have protested that amounts demanded exceed the services provided because of the recurrent blackouts.

The government is gradually shifting its social and welfare responsibilities to citizens abroad; as more families are entirely depending on the support of members in diaspora.