Sudanese Police killed two bus passengers in Kassela

Sudanese Police killed two bus passengers in Kassela

Radio Erena: 03 February 2015


Police in Sudan killed two passengers in an attack they launched on a bus that was believed to have been travelling from Kassela to the Eastern town of Umm Safari on the 27th of January.

According to Radio Erena sources from the area, the bus which only had its driver and very few passengers aboard was carrying bags grain, cement, and few other perishable and non-perishable items. The bus was confirmed to have been speeding and that it was attacked by a three-member police crew led by a lieutenant although the motive has not been known yet.


The Kassela route is known for transporting contrabands such as oil, grain, and other perishable items to the Eritrean town of Tessennai. The sources, however, could not confirm if the contraband from the 27th of January incident was bound to Tessennai.

Meanwhile, six (6) Bulgarian United Nations employees, who were held in South Kordofan by the Sudanese government opposition group of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement for Northern Sudan [SPLM-N], are reported to be freed.

According to statements published by the United Nations and the Bulgarian government, the six freed Bulgarians who are employees of the UN wing of the World Food Program, were put in to custody by the SPLM-N after they were forced to land their helicopter while they were travelling on assignment.