Reports of intensive troop movement in Eritrea

Radio Erena: 27 November 2020

Eyewitness sources confirm to Radio Erena intensive Eritrean troop movement toward the Ethiopian border. The troops movement is reported in the last few days in heavy trucks toward Rama, Tsorona, Badme, Zalambesa and Bure areas. Truckloads of Eritrean Defense Forces recruits had been seen in the way to the Ethiopian border the sources said.

In addition, some family members have also confirmed the depart of their relatives to what they called the “front”, they have also confirmed that all National Service recruits were asked to report to their units immediately.

Eritrean troops engagement in battles in the border with Tigray have not been confirmed by a third party, despite repeated accusations from Tigray regional government of Eritrean soldiers taking part in fight between the Ethiopian federal army and Tigray militias.

The hospitals of Barentu, Senfae and Glas military hospital in the vicinity of Keren are reported to have been accommodating hundreds of wounded soldiers.