‘One Day Seyoum’ holds a tribute in Sweden in memory of the September 18, 2001 Black History in Eritrea

‘One Day Seyoum’ holds a tribute in Sweden in memory of the September 18, 2001 Black History in Eritrea

Radio Erena: 23 Septemberm 2014

One Day

A tribute in memory of the incidents of September 18th, 2001 – [black history day in Eritrea], was held in the afternoon hours of Sunday September 21st at the ABIF hall of the Social Democrat Party in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to Erena Radio reports, the tribute, which was organized by Vanessa Berhe and ambassadors of One Day Seyoum movement, was participated by around 100 (hundred) Eritreans and foreign journalists, politicians, human rights activists, and other invited dignitaries.


Mona Sahlin, a former chairwoman of the ruling Social Democrat party, in a solidarity speech she gave, described the case of the oppressed and the oppressor in Eritrea in comparison with Nelson Mandela’s case.

Yordanos Tsehaye, one of the sisters of Seyoum [also known as ‘Tegadalay SeAlay’ – roughly translated as the photographer fighter – who has been in prison for the past 13 years], shared some of the highlights of Seyoum’s upbringing and background with the attendees. This was also supported by a former Eritrean Brigadier General – Tekeste Haile who added that Seyoum was an independent thinker compared to his colleague in his line of work, the report stated.

Meron Estefanos – the Eritrean-Swedish human rights activist, also talked on the current conditions of Eritrea and the prisoners. And this was followed by a presentation on the issue of treatment of prisoners by a representative of Amnesty International in Sweden – Andrea Bodekull.

A Kurdish journalist and author – Kurdo Baksi, had also attended the tribute, the report noted. Mr. Baksi, pointed out his knowledge and support of the Eritrean revolution for independence and his disappointment with the current situation in Eritrea on the other hand.

A former member of the EPLF Mr. Mohammed Brhan Blata pleaded with the attendees the importance of uniting efforts and resources in order to bring justice to the victims.

Bethlehem Isaac, a daughter of the Eritrean-Swedish journalist who is in prison in Eritrea – Dawit Isaac, was also able to attend the tribute and expressed the aftermath in her family caused due to her father’s indefinite detention and the trauma it has inflicted upon her, in particular. Bethlehem also read a brief life history of her father.

A pre-recorded video presentation of Meaza Petros Solomon, a daughter of Petros Solomon and Aster Yohannes – both in detention, was viewed by the participants.

Martin Schibbye – a Swedish Journalist who was detained in Ethiopia on December 2011, had sent a letter of solidarity and support to the One Day Seyoum tribute.

The tribute was aired live on Expressen news channel.

The report further stated that Seyoum Tsehaye’s daughters were not able to attend their father’s tribute due to a delay in their travel arrangements.

‘One Day Seyoum’- a movement that campaigns to free a photojournalist – Seyoum Tsehaye from prison, has organized this tribute in Stockholm, Sweden.