Minimal Commercial Exchanges were seen last week in the Border Towns of SenAfe, Zalambesa and Adigirat

Radio Erena:28 January 2021

The inhabitants of Southern Senafe villages, Zalambesa and Adigirat, and its vicinity were engaged last week in consumer goods commercial exchange despite the security situation in Tigray, sources confirm to Radio Erena.

This petit commerce is taking place between Eritrean and Ethiopian citizens across the border. The exchange is taking place by transporting goods on bicycles, donkeys, and sometimes on foot.

Zalambesa local markets have flourished due to the lockdown of large size commercial institutions in Tigray, which shows the genuine desire of the local population for peace and stability, sources say.

Eyewitnesses confirm that the commercial exchange is taking place among feelings of sympathy and shock at what happened in Tigray.

The minimal commercial exchanges which were seen last week are now blocked as of this week by Eritrean security forces.