Italian Coast Guard rescues 1300 immigrants

Italian Coast Guard rescues 1300 immigrants

Radio Erena: 29 December 2014


The Italian coast guard says it recued a boat that was capsized in the Mediterranean Sea with 1300 immigrants on board on Christmas.

According to the Italian media, the immigrants were reported to be from Eritrea and other nations and they were believed to had been crossing over to Italy on small fishing boat when they were rescued by the Italian security ships that were scouring the area.


The report indicated an expecting mother of Nigerian descent out of the 1300 immigrants were able to deliver safely soon after they were rescued to land. Along with this mother, Italy reports, there are three expecting mothers who deliver safely up on a rescue operation in 2014.

Although the Italian government had announced this past October the closure of its rescue program known as ‘Mare Nostrum’, its coast guard has been rescuing influx of immigrants.

The Italian Ministry of Interior reports it had rescued 168,000 immigrants – most of whom from Eritrea and Syria, from the Mediterranean Sea in 2014 alone.