Half of the 8th Grade Students Fail Their Certificate Exams


Radio Erena News, 05 September 2022

Eritrean News Agency quoted the Ministry of Education statement that only 50.4% of the students passed the 8th grade certificate examinations for the academic year 2021-2022.

The General Department of Evaluation and Examination in the ministry confirmed that 54.578 students have perfumed their exam in the various Eritrean regions in addition to Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Only 27.507 passed the exam whereas other 27.071 failed.

The score of students per region is as follows:

Anseba region: 46.6% passed

Southern region: 48.3%

Gash-Barka region: 39.9%

Northern Red Sea region: 25.5%

Southern Red Sea region: 50.4%

Ministry of Defense Examinees: 72.7%

Saudi Arabia Eritrean Community Schools: 71.7%

Sudan Eritrean Community Schools: 100%

This record adds to the vastly deteriorating situation of education in Eritrea.