German Police Searches an Eritrean who stabbed another


ERENA News: 9 January 2023

The police in the central German state of Hessen released a call to the public to help spotting an Eritrean who stabbed a fellow countryman on Jan.3.

The police said that the offender, who stabbed a 27 old Eritrean after a fistfight in Giessen town north of Frankfurt, had caused him serious harm, but he is still alive.

Another incident took place in Calgary, Canada when an Eritrean shot to death another in the New Year’s Eve; the police are still searching for the offender.

Severe and violent fights usually breakout between immigrant youths in different countries; the issue raises increasing concern among Eritrean communities.


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    The Eritrean are committing so much crime all over the world and no wonder how many crime are they committing in Ethiopia?