Eritrea’s Minister of Justice faces a backlash in Saudi Arabia

Eritrea’s Minister of Justice faces a backlash in Saudi Arabia

Radio Erena: 30 October, 2014


Eritrea’s Minister of Justice – Ms. Fowzia Hashim faced a backlash from change-and-justice-seeking Eritreans in Saudi Arabia as she was making false remarks about the current situation of the country to the supporters of Eritrea’s only party – People’s Front for Democracy and Justice [PFDJ].

The change-and-justice-seeking Eritreans denounced Ms. Hashim’s claims that the country is on the right track and is progressing. They pointed out that in her ten-year-tenure as a minister of justice, there have been thousands of Eritreans who have been languishing in various prisons across the country without due process of law.


Since staging protests are not allowed in Saudi Arabia – even for the nationals of the country, the change-and justice-seeking Eritreans used Erena Radio medium to express their protest.

Eritreans in Saudi Arabia are forced to use their Eritrean passport to live and work there and face repercussions, should they protest against any Eritrean government official in seminars or meetings.

Currently the Eritrean government is aggressively campaigning in and out of the country and is organizing cultural festivals and social events in order to boost its income.