Eritrean Orthodox monasteries published a letter of condemnation

Eritrean Orthodox monasteries published a letter of condemnation

Radio Erena: 15 October, 2014


Six Eritrean Orthodox monasteries have published their official letter of condemnation to the intervention by the government and its appointees to the Ortodox Diocese– Mr. Yoftahie Demethros and his executive secretary – Reverend Habtom Russom.

The petition letter – organized and signed by the six (6) monasteries, was circulated to the Synods of the Orthodox Tewahdo Church, to all the executive offices of the Patriarch, the national council of the Orthodox Churches, the office of religious affairs of the Eritrean government, and all regional and local churches on October 1st, 2014.


The monasteries noted of the peaceful and stabilized historical background of their institution and denounced the distraction and destabilization of the institution by the government’s interference in its internal affairs through its appointed administrators.

The letter bans Mr. Yoftahie and Reverend Habtom from not only serving but also getting any service from the institution in general.

The six monasteries are:-

1. Debre Bizen Monastery
2. TsaEda Imba Monastery
3. Debre Sina Monastery
4. Debre Libanos Monastery
5. Abune Endrias Monastery
6. Qudus Yohannes Monastery.

Ever since the petition letter by the monasteries, the government of Eritrea has sucked Mr. Yoftahie and Reverend Habtom from their appointed posts in the Orthodox Church administration.

A similar petition letter was written and circulated to all concerned bodies in 2006 by the His Holiness Abune Antonios – the former Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church who has been illegally dismissed from his post by the government and put under arrest for the past eight years.