Eritrean military units near Badme moved

Radio Erena: 04 May 2019

Eritrean military units which had been stationed near the area of Badme for years have been moved from the area. Radio Erena sources reported that after the units withdrew, other new units made up of troops who have been on continuous training over the last two years have taken over the area.

Although it is unclear why the troops had to be withdrawn from the area, rumours from Eritrea say they are being taken to cities where the government fears uprisings during the May 24 independence anniversary celebrations.

At political seminars, government cadres are alleging that even though the peace process with Ethiopia is progressing well, the TPLF party in Tigrai is hindering progress. The cadres accuse the TPLF party which administers the Tigrai region of causing the delays in the withdrawal of Ethiopian military from Badme. The cadres are saying this has caused the demarcation of the disputed border to be postponed for an unlimited period of time.

Meanwhile, all land points of entry into Ethiopia remain shut. The Eritrean government is confiscating all goods smuggled on animals across the border. Only people from border villages are allowed to walk to Ethiopia.

Radio Erena sources from Asmara reported that the prices of supplies which had been relatively stabilized after the border opened are going back to what they were one year ago.