Eritrean government bans privately owned buses operating near the Ethiopian border

Radio Erena: 04 August 2019

On 24 July, the Eritrean authorities ordered privately owned public transport buses to cease activities on the route connecting the southern town of Senafe and the small town of Serha near adjacent to the Ethiopian border town of Zalambesa.

Radio Erena sources confirm that privately owned public transport on the route will now be replaced by the PFDJ owned Harat public transport company.

There have been no official reasons on why privately-owned transport between Senafe and the small town of Serha have been ordered to cease activities.

However, unconfirmed romours hint that with a planned official re-opening of the border with Ethiopia coming up the Eritrean government wants to control the flow of Eritreans to Ethiopia.

After the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia, Eritreans refugees have been flowing to Ethiopia in the thousands. The very high flow of Eritreans to Ethiopia was not been halted by the shutting of the border soon after its opening. Tens of thousands of refugees have crossed the border to seek asylum and have been settling in towns and cities, especially Mekelle and Addis Ababa, despite the lack of residence permits.

Photo: Internet Archives