Eritrean Cyclists Team Participates in African Continental Championship


Radio Erena News: 7 February 2023

Eritrean National Cyclists Team is participating in the 19th African Continental Cycling Championship taking place in Accra, Ghana in 8/13 February.

The team which didn’t participate in the tournaments of 2006, 2009 and 2020 had regularly participated in all the tournaments since 2001 onward and had won the African Chronometer championship ten times before.

The team is composed of the following cyclists who are all under 23: Henok Muluberhan, Natnael Berhane, Youail Habteab, Efrem Ghebrehewit, Nahom Zerai, Meron Teshome and Melkias Qodus.

Only Meron Teshome and Youail Habteab are joining the team from Asmara.