Eritrea’s Capital – Asmara continues to fall short of Drinking Water Supplies

Radio Erena: 21 September 2017

Several neighborhoods in the Eritrean capital – Asmara are reported to be suffering from lack of drinking water supplies.

According to Erena sources, although the residents of city were hopeful by the seasonal rain fall in the summer, people have started to feel worried as the season ends. Frustrated by the situation, many people are seen to make lines after lines on the streets of the city carrying water containers desperately awaiting for water trucks to buy drinking water.


Sources from the government claim that the government has installed large make-shift water tanks while installing new water pipes in many neighborhoods in the city. However, many residents of the city argue that people in different parts of the city who already have water pipes also share the same problem.

Residents of the city are reported to pay 50 Nakfas (est. $3.25 US) per barrel of water, noted Erena sources.